Restaurant Recommendations

I don’t much care for the über critical restaurant reviews I’ve been reading lately, so I thought I’d do my best to inject a bit of positivity into the food world by means of the blog.  Let's be optimistic and 'go out' tonight to fill our bellies with some good food from around the valley!

I will begin recommending restaurants where I would be proud to share a meal with you and where I know you'll be pleased to eat!  The service might not be impeccable; the décor might not be très chic.  You might even see the bottom of your glass once in awhile.  But, by george, they will be places where you’ll enjoy delicious food, a good atmosphere and restaurants I would return to in a heart beat!

*Individual posts to come soon!

Eat here tonight:

                        PHX                                                               CMH

Chinese                                                        Chinese
Wing Hing                                                   Sun Tung Luck
(623) 561-8338                                            (614) 442-3375
Harley's Italian Bistro                                   Thai                      Bahn Thai Bistro
Valle Luna                                                   New Mexican/Southwestern                                     Chile Verde Cafe
Thai E-San                                                   Upscale French                                   The Refectory
Pizzeria Bianco                                            Vegetarian/Vegan/Raw                  

                                                                     Best Croissant       

                                                                     Best Scone

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