Friday, April 27, 2012

Apple Gorgonzola Salad

Have you ever said to yourself, “man, I could really go for some lettuce!?”  I didn’t think so.  Let’s face it - salads can be boring.  A bag of chopped iceberg.  Maybe some slivers of carrots.  Smothered in Ranch dressing.  No wonder we don’t crave them. 

Let me help reintroduce you to the composed salad.  My aunt Carrie once made a most delicious salad comprised of spinach, strawberries, nuts and poppy seed dressing.  A simple and beautiful combination of delightful and healthy flavors hiding amongst a spectrum of leafy greens.  I forgot all about those bags of shredded lettuce and branched out.  Dried fruit, fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, cheeses, croutons, meat and even fish can transform and complete any bowl of lettuce or spinach or arugula.  Be creative and try something unusual.  You'll be surprised by how fresh and satisfying a bowl of salad can be. 

This salad is a simple version of what I see in restaurants all the time.  It’s fresh, sweet and exotic with just the right amount of umph.  To make this salad a meal, add some shredded chicken.  And please, throw away that bag of “garden salad” that you have in your fridge.  Right now. 

1 Fuji apple, very thinly sliced
Gorgonzola cheese
Candied walnuts
Mixed greens (the darker green, the more nutritious)
Marsala Vinaigrette, recipe follows

Place a handful of mixed greens on your plate and top with each ingredient.  Drizzle with vinaigrette. 

Marsala Vinaigrette: 
Marsala wine
Salt & Pepper

Wisk all ingredients together until thoroughly combined.  Season to taste.  

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