Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sparkling Limeade

As many of you know, Sean and I have decided to make a BIG change and move to Columbus, Ohio.  We will miss our friends and family very much, but we're ready for a new adventure - one with slightly cooler summers and 4 seasons.  I hope you'll wish us luck!  Natural Sugar's posts will continue like normal, so stay tuned as we drive across the country and adopt some Midwestern flair.  

As an ode to Arizona and the southwest, today's recipe is for a sparkling, quenching beverage that is perfect for hot summer days.  [Technically, this recipe is from Mexico, but who's counting?  Close enough, I say].  Several years ago, my family took a summer vacation to Mazatlan, Mexico.  We spent wonderful, long days on the beach, by the pool and eating delicious Mexican specialties like Molcajete.  One of my favorite recipes that I brought back from the vacation is this sparkling limeade.  My dad and I actually spent weeks perfecting it so we could drink this amazing and refreshing concoction at home.  It will always remind me of good memories near the border.  

Surprisingly persnickety for such a simple mix of ingredients, this beverage will impress you and your entire pool party.  Adjust the sweetness and acidity to please your own palate and spike it with a shot of Tequila if you need an extra kick. 

Equal parts of sugar and water 
Lime zest

Juice from 8 limes (only use fresh, the bottled kind does not work well for this recipe)
Club Soda
Lime slices, garnish

Shot glass, to measure

In a small saucepan, combine equal amounts of water and sugar.  When mixture has dissolved, remove from heat and add the zest of 2 limes.  Allow mixture to cool and set in refrigerator.  Squeeze 8 limes and strain juice.  In individual glasses, place a slice of lime and fill with ice.  Separately, combine 1 shot of lime juice, 2 shots of simple syrup and 1 C. of club soda.  Stir to combine and pour over the ice.

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