Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gifting :: Sugar & Spice

If you're like me, you enjoy gifting.  And I don't mean picking up a DVD and slapping a gaudi bow on it.  I mean brainstorming, searching, finding and disguising the perfect gifts that your friends will absolutely love.  I know, it's tricky and frustrating sometimes.  But, the look on their face paired with that cozy feeling of knowing you tickled them intrinsically is priceless.  This post is devoted to the ingredients of gifting food in the hopes that the next time you need a special gift for a foodie friend, you won't have to look too far.

:: Sugar ::

Can you really go wrong with gifting something sweet like cookies?  No, not really.  A homemade treat is always a great gift because your love and hard work is already inside.  But, take it to the next level with my suggestions for the perfect cookie goody bag.  These work well for little forget-me-not's, thinking of you's, teacher appreciation, bridal or baby shower goodies.

Here's what you'll need: 
cookies, small gift bags, raffia or ribbon, scrap book paper, 
regular paper, glue stick, marker, hole punch, scissors

1.  Glue a sheet of regular computer paper to the scrapbook paper.  
Allow to dry and then cut into small gift tags.  

2.  Using the marker, write the name of the cookies your gifting 
being sure to list any important ingredients.  Fold the gift tag in 
half and use the hole punch to puncture the top left corner of each tag. 

3.  Place a few cookies in each bag. 

4.  Tie raffia or ribbon around each bundle and thread it through 
the hole in the gift tag to secure it to the package. 
 Tie it in a bow for looks.

:: Spice ::

How many times have you been given spices as a gift?  I'm betting not many.  Spices are a unique way to literally "spice" up someone's present.  There are so many options, it's hard to go wrong.  And who would refuse some added flavor for their meals?  The spices in the grocery store tend to be pricey, so I recommend finding a spice shop (yes, you probably have one hiding near your home).  First, they have a much better selection and you can eliminate the cost of the container.  If you're not sure about which spices to choose, ask for help!  Here are a few of my favorites that you don't see everyday:  cardamom, smoked paprika, whole vanilla beans, black sesame seeds, spice shop special blends.  Give a few of these jars as a birthday present or single ones as dinner party or even wedding favors.  And if you happened to serve a dish that included the special spice, gift the recipe too!

Here's what you will need:
spices, sandwich bag, small jars, raffia or ribbon, 
scrap book paper, regular paper, glue stick, marker, hole punch, scissors
**TIP:  Craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michael's have a great variety of glass jars and containers.  They also offer coupons on their website every single day to help save moolah.

1.  Empty your spices into sandwich bags.
2.  Roll a sheet of computer paper into a funnel and place into the jar.

3.  Gently pour the spices through the funnel into each jar. 

4.  For the gift tags, glue the computer paper to scrapbook paper.  
Allow to dry and cut into gift tags.  

5.  Write the name of the spice on each gift tag.  

6.  Fold the gift tag in half and using the hole punch, 
puncture the upper left corner.  

 7.  Tie the raffia or ribbon around the jar.  Thread it through the 
gift tag and tie in a bow for looks.  

There are many options for gifting food.  Some of my other favorites include toffee, citrus zested sugars and even little travel packs for my vacationing friends.  Think about the people you love and gift them with food this year.  Happy holidays.

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  1. Thomas, I love personalizing gifts and finding things that I know the person will love so, of course I love this post. Great, great ideas!!!!!!