Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bienvenue et Bon Appétit!

Welcome to Natural Sugar!  I’m excited to finally launch this site and start sharing my collection of recipes!  These recipes have been inspired by many of the talented people in my life and perfected to create approachable, impressive and delicious food.

To me, food is more than that stuff you eat 3 times a day.  It is meant to enhance life.  Remember the last time you had a craving for something and when you finally ate it!  Remember how satiating it was to sink your teeth into that one thing you had wanted all day?  That’s how food should be all the time!  Scrumptious.  Delectable. Even orgasmic. 

Now, I don’t know too many people who can afford to satisfy every craving they have, so the recipes featured here will be varied.  There will be simple ones with modest budgets and ingredients, and pricey ones for special occasions. (Who can live without splurging once in awhile?)  But each recipe will indubitably satisfy your hunger and impress your taste buds.  

In addition to the recipes displayed on this site, there will be stories.  One of my favorite things about food is how it brings people together.  Have you ever cooked turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and cranberries for just yourself?  I didn’t think so.  Just as Thanksgiving dinner is best when it’s enjoyed by a group of your closest family and friends, food is best when it’s shared with others.  Natural Sugar will include some of my best memories, adventures and experiences, each revolving around food and friends.

I hope that from this collection of recipes, you will take away some helpful hints, create amazing food and memories and find that impressive cooking is actually not as difficult as it may seem. 

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  1. Tom, finally got around to reading all of this. Please keep adding as you can. I'm enjoying the varied types of food & really enjoyed the Thanksgiving day dessert! Best, tim